Value what is ours, promoting our people. SEE STORE SEE STORE Value what is ours, promoting our people.

The Cooperative

Born in 1998, the Cooperative Celeiro da Terra is dedicated to the production and selling of liqueurs, jams, cookies and handicraft, providing everyone with the best of what is done in São Miguel.

What we have for you

Our products, made from extremely high quality local raw material from the municipality’s fields and vegetable gardens, guarantee their freshness and exclusivity, without ever forgetting their handcrafted character.


Made with the best fruits of the region and stored in oak barrels.


Made with local fruit and from old recipes from São Miguel.


Traditional products made only with natural ingredients.


Our Hortência line, full of gourmet products.

Taste a piece of Azores

Our products carry with them the best of the Azores, which you can get to know.

Our products

Made from handcrafted processes, our products are unique.

Make tradition last with products that are faithful to the recipes of our ancestors!

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