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The nature that surrounds us

Furnas is a parish in the municipality of Povoação, where our Craft Shop is located.
Known for its boilers (constantly erupting) and its unique geological formation, this area is emblematic of the surrounding volcanic terrain and the stunning natural landscape that surrounds us.
Furnas is known for its hot thermal waters, natural thermal pools and volcanic mud.
From the boiling caldrons, to the geysers of boiling water, to the small fountains that leave an orange trail, the whole area is surprising for visitors.
The orange color present in the water represents the amount of iron and sulphur present.
One of the must-see areas when visiting Furnas is Lgoa das Furnas.
Full of vegetation and with a wealth of fauna and flora, this is a perfect area for picnics, walking and cycling and for enjoying the scenery.
On one of the banks of the Logoa das Furnas we find holes in the volcanic floor that are used to make the famous Cozido das Furnas.
Under the ground, the stew takes about 5 hours to cook.
In this area we also recommend a visit to the Pico do Ferro viewpoint and the Salto do Cavalo viewpoint. Both offer breathtaking views.
In Furnas you can also find places like Poça Dona Beija and Terra Nostra Park and enjoy thermal baths.

It is said that Furnas are good for the health of body and soul.
Don’t miss out! Visit and enjoy!