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Celeiro da Terra Liqueurs

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Celeiro da Terra Liqueurs

Perfect for a good toast

Did you know that the Azoreans have a very special connection with liqueurs?

The quality of our soils allows us to create high quality products.
The liqueurs produced by Celeiro da Terra are 100% endogenous, natural, homemade and handcrafted, based on alcohol, fruit and water.
The secret is in the mixtures, flavors and scents. With herbs, spices, seeds and fruit we create the most characteristic flavors.
Our liqueurs are aged in oak casks for two years to achieve the perfect flavor.

Coffee Liqueur
Produced in the traditional way, without colorings or preservatives, it has an intense coffee aroma and flavor, perfect for spice lovers.

Tangerine Liqueur
Produced in the traditional way, without colorings or preservatives. Using the peel of the fruit to create the essence, the liqueur has a very representative tangerine aroma and flavor that is easily identified.

Milk Liqueur
Using Azorean milk, it is filtered and mixed with the other ingredients. No colorants or preservatives are used throughout the process.

Abafado liqueur
Using only brandy and grape must, Abafado wine or Abafadinho is a liqueur wine obtained by interrupting the fermentation of wine and creating a sweeter drink.

Pineapple Liqueur
Pineapples from the Azores are grown in traditional greenhouses and have a unique bittersweet flavor. To create the essence that gives life to the liqueur, the rind of the fruit is used, which allows the liqueur to have the fruit’s characteristic aroma and flavor.

Discover our entire product line and be surprised by the unmistakable flavors and aromas.